Using an android smart phone gives you choices to download apps. Often with apps in the marketplace a user is confused about that is beneficial and which is more appropriate. Downloading many apps only can lead to clutter as well as data mark-up after a time. Documents that sit idle create clutter and unnecessary load on your phone’s operation. It is a good idea to download apps which are free to your cell phone. Let’s find out few apps which you can download in your Android. Each Movie buff is acquainted with Iamb. This app will help you get the database of movies. It contains all of the info on movies, release date, star cast in a picture all in one app.

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At times, it happens that you are unable to play with a file format. Monolayer is a player that facilitates in playing with any video format. You can now download video and play with them through this player. You’ll have the ability to find playlists, subtitles and videos this is possible via HTTP and RTSP. There is a limit to the data plan you have chosen for on the restriction and your telephone keeps bothering you. Occasionally it becomes difficult to keep note of the use and exceeding the limit prices that are specified heavily. For keeping track of your usage, you can elect to download an app by the title of 3G Watchdog.

This app helps by keeping a tab on your data usage including another use log for GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi. Another usage of the app is that you can make your own parameters for making settings with the billing cycle and the data constraints. This app can enable you to have a log of this data usage that you have consumed before your billing date. Taking a fast note of things is a problem that an Android user comes across. This dilemma is resolved by colorant; this is an app which assists in taking notes. This is a notepad where you can prepare notes produce other content or memos for sending purpose. ThisĀ uktvnow download app can help writing and providing colours. You use the characteristic of notes to access to perform list and may create reminders. You can even set a password and protect it in case you need to store information. Another aspect of this app is that you can make an online backup of your notes that are stored on your memory card.