The most important word in that title is creative, the second is picking, and the third party is a phrase   the way to pick! What does creative mean. It means being first while hopefully finding something which is interesting to read about. A great author can make anything interesting   especially if the word creative is used when getting her to write. Let us focus on the little   right there on the desk in front of you. Right, before me is a glass of water on my left and an empty cup on my right.  The glass of water half empty   likely been used to take some pill or alternative   this guy’s got health problems, so   he is old   and he drinks tea from flowery cups   certainly older and married also most likely. Anything else on the desk   sure! A stack of cads, a stack of books with markers in them, a few notebooks with something scribbled on the majority of the pages   a printer and a radio   the radio is blasting out something by Beethoven   a window facing him   snow outside   now what.

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This guys a writer, he’s older   we have already said that   he resides somewhere in the northern hemisphere   narrows it down   he writes in notebooks   he reads   he is a writer   an older writer   probably published some things, but he is at home during the day   probably from work   or so successful he does not need to go out to make   he is from work   not wildly successful   why   he is doing his own writing and printing, gathering information for his next   book or article. Tell me exactly what day the cup has had: woke this morning to a slopping and hissing, boiling hot water swishing about reaction papers help, sitting alongside other cups   some large, some small   been used   ah, it is done   the machine has stopped and hello, here is the lady of the home opening the door to let us breathe. Pick me, pick me, you know you like me   oh, she is making coffee for him, and it is early so she’s not got time for niceties   I am next later, do not forget.

Now I am dry on a shelf next to the plates, I’m getting myself prepared to be useful. At about 11 he will want another coffee   he gets through a chapter and he begins feeling thirsty. The coffee’s on the go   I can smell it   the milk’s standing by me prepared   he does not take sugar   that does these days   inferior sugar bowl, I really do feel sorry for her   standing there behind closed doors waiting   oh, there she goes   but not for sugar. He is having some soup   that is ancient, even for him   java and a soup   what is happening   ah, it is cold outside   look, it is snowing.