Trophy CasesChoosing the Proper jewellery displays sounds trivial but the effect of your sales with your jewellery on the ideal display can be enormous. Before deciding between lace jewellery displays and jewellery displays, you want to understand that these are never blended. Mixed displays, whether it’s unless you are selling the jewellery and colours or styles detracts from the jewellery displays themselves this could cause you to lose sales. You want to pull the customers eye to the jewellery and not the display. The jewellery display is there to draw on the customer’s eye. If your client point out how your displays are you are doing something wrong.

Benefits of velvet over leatherette are that is leatherette Found in a choice of colours. So your colour selection can be limited by choosing leatherette. Although if you look you can find black and beige leatherette is restricted to white. Colours are impossible to find if you don’t start to go custom, which is costly. The benefit of Retail Mannequins is that they can be cleaned by you. So if you select white displays is best. Selecting velvet displays, while it looks clean, it may turn ugly and filthy. Once the cleanup is attempted, as it looks the same velvet is to clean and likely not worth the time. So in case you opt for white displaying, select leatherette. Black leatherette has a look that is classy and can be easily cleaned. Black will show dust, but with leatherette you can get rid of the dust creating your display look brand new.

Jewellery displays are available in colours other than black Jewellery display firms carry black. Black looks great, but don’t forget the dust problem, and with dust that is black does appear after a time period. Velvet is hard to clean. Go with companies that offer Forced into buying displays which are not right, and this could impact your sales. As quality and styles are different you don’t need to be changing companies often as your jewellery displays will start to appear different, thus detracting from the own jewellery. Velvet colours include dark pink, grey, blue, red and burgundy. Colours can decorate your store but bear in mind, separation of colours is crucial.