The Samsung galaxy notice is arguably the most innovative device to come from the prolific Korean producer in recent months. It represents something of a hybrid between a Smartphone and a tablet. In this article I will explore a few of the features which make it such a special device. The screen on this device is most likely the most striking feature it provides. Measuring up at 5.3 inches, you can see why it stands between the conventions of a Smartphone and a tablet. The size might prove inconvenient for some, since it might not fit into some pockets, but the dimension brings a wealth of performance that is typically reserved for pills like the apple iPod or Samsung galaxy tab. The device includes a stylus pen, meaning users can quickly take notes with their own handwriting, as well as the integrated handwriting recognition will convert it into electronic text.

Samsung galaxy s9

The display boasts one of the greatest resolutions of any mobile device, even outdoing the much publicized retina display found on the iPhone 4s. The resolution of this Samsung galaxy notice stands at a whopping 800x 1280, meaning high definition games and videos can be enjoyed on the apparatus, which can be equally at home displaying photographs or surfing the net. The display utilizes super amole technology meaning that like the rest of the galaxy smart phones, brightness, color saturation, viewing angles and clarity are second to none. Whilst the display is a very impressive attribute of the device, there is obviously much more to enjoy. It is perfectly equipped to navigate the World Wide Web, with data download rates of up to 21 mbps available the highest of any mobile device currently available and of course wifi connectivity included as standard.

Tons of internal storage is provided, with 16 and 32 GB versions available, each of which include a mini sad card slot using a pre-installed 2 GB memory card, which can house a memory card of up to 32 GB. An 8 megapixel camera is available to capture high quality pictures as well a video footage, which is listed in up to 1080p complete HD. Software wise, the Galaxy S9 Release Date calls upon the newest edition of android v2.3, aka gingerbread although it is been confirmed that it will support the new ice cream sandwich version when it is rolled out across compatible devices. This enables users to navigate and download programs from the android market, vastly increasing the performance and flexibility of the device. The touch wiz up Samsung’s custom android port runs over the surface of the android platform, meaning users have many options to customize their apparatus. This also includes the Samsung hub that permits further programs and widgets to be downloaded, together with numerous multimedia things like eBooks, games and movies. The handset is based on a 1.4 GHz dual-core chip, which provides all of the computing power to run demanding applications high tech hardware.